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Does the foundation have a fellows program?

Yes. The foundation has a fellows program. Fellows are placed across program areas for a term of two years. Fellows have the opportunity to work on crosscutting projects and are likely to rotate among foundation teams. Fellows are currently placed in Global Development, Global Growth & Opportunity and Global Health program areas.

What are the objectives of the fellows program?

The fellows program has two primary objectives:

  1. Promote programmatic innovation and support the foundation’s ability to solve complex problems by accessing exceptional, global talent with diverse backgrounds and experience
  2. Develop fellows who become future leaders in sectors and regions that align with our missions by enhancing their capabilities and skills and their understanding of the foundation, our objectives and partner organizations

What sort of work is done by fellows?

Fellows will be assigned to work on specific teams or projects for a fixed duration. They may rotate among two or more teams during their fellowship. Fellows will be afforded the opportunity to apply their professional and academic experience to think about new and existing challenges, sometimes outside of their area of expertise, with the goal of bringing new perspectives to our work. Fellows’ learning and impact will be supported by identifying projects that cut across teams, divisions, and/or geographies.

What are some examples of potential fellowship projects?

  • Conceptualize and launch a Grand Challenge initiative in support of program strategies
  • Assist in understanding a student’s pre-school to post-secondary educational experience and where students are lost in our current public education system
  • Collaborate with program staff and partners to support new drug and therapeutic development efforts
  • Create a data sharing platform for global health problems in partnership with major technology companies
  • Identify new ways to create and maintain digital dashboards that enhance cross-foundational information and knowledge sharing
  • Help establish a Leadership Institute for Public Health with an expansive group of academic institution partners
  • Provide technical or policy analysis of specific issues of relevance to foundation program strategies as well as development and dissemination of position papers to guide and advise the foundation's position and to influence the field
  • Provide decision support on cross-programmatic/cross-divisional issues by developing data and analytics to inform the decision making processes

What happens when a fellow leaves the foundation?

To realize the objectives of the program, it will be important that fellows' transition successfully out of the foundation to roles of influence in the fields in which we work—thus, the fellowship is not intended to be an entry point for other foundation roles. It is our aspiration that fellows will leverage the learning and networks they have built during their fellowship to move into roles that they are uniquely qualified for as a result of their fellowship experience.

What are some of the key features of the fellows program?

  • Significant opportunities to learn about the foundation's approach to investments, grant-making and partnerships by working closely with program staff and external partners.
  • Deep engagement on strategic issues being pursued by the foundation, with opportunities to make a tangible impact
  • May rotate within and/or across program divisions
  • Coaching and mentorship by foundation staff who are leaders in their respective fields
  • Bilateral learning sessions involving the fellows and senior leadership across the foundation
  • Cohort experience to develop fellows' professional and support network with peers
  • Leadership development programming and transition support to help the fellows identify their next professional opportunity
  • Membership to the foundation's alumni network

When can I apply to the fellows program?

We are currently evaluating and realigning the program to ensure it meets our strategic objectives and provides a very impactful experience for future Fellows. Please check back in September 2020 for more updates.