Philanthropic Partnerships

Our Goal

We are working to inspire and enable more informed and intentional generosity by all.

Helping Everyone Give More, and Give Smarter

Philanthropy plays a strong role in solving some of the world’s biggest health and development challenges. Generosity is part of what makes us human, and nearly all cultures have strong traditions of giving and caring for their communities. We aim to increase the quantity and quality of generosity by all people—from high net worth individuals to everyday givers.

Global Giving Milestones

Building a more supportive culture for philanthropy can raise generosity to a new level.

How Philanthropic Partnerships Works

The Philanthropic Partnerships team supports programs in China, India, the Middle East, and the United States that give donors resources to make informed decisions about giving, that strengthen policies enabling philanthropy, and that support cultural norms around generosity.

  • Giving Partnerships: We collaborate with high net worth individuals to help accelerate and encourage their effective giving by creating opportunities for them to learn from experts and each other. When appropriate, we also make connections to partners, grantees, and issues that the Gates Foundation supports. 
  • Policies and Systems: We work with partners to help remove barriers to giving by supporting norms, policies, insights, and tools that will build a stronger, smarter philanthropic sector. 
  • Innovation and Learning: We support innovation and research to determine how and why individuals give, and to identify new opportunities to unlock more philanthropic resources to tackle complex problems and improve lives.

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